About Flower Moon Farm

Flower Moon Farm is a suburban homestead located in historic Lexington, Massachusetts. With a current family of five happy and healthy goats, the farm produces fresh cheese, whey, yogurt and ice cream, all of incredible farm-fresh quality and superior flavor. New kids are birthed each spring and are dam raised to ensure all the benefits of a diet rich in mother’s milk.

In addition to mothers’ milk, Flower Moon goats enjoy daily pasture and woodland grazing, where mother goats naturally model for kids what to consume. Together, they enjoy leaves, twigs, branches and bark of the woodland trees, as well as weeds, grasses, wild roses, raspberries, blackberries and grape leaves from pastures. This wild, varied diet assures they ingest their high mineral requirement while following their innate inclination as natural browsers.

Exercise, fresh air, social interactions and variety are naturally part of their daily life experiences. Flower Moon goats are all socialized to be comfortable around people of all ages. Flower Moon has cared for several generations of goats, chickens and bees.